Metroplex Management
Silvio Pradella Silvio Pradella
A strategic approach

The "Metroplex Vision" grew out of limitations with the traditional approach of town planning that required industrial and business parks to be located in isolated areas devoid of access to resources of any reasonable amenities or lifestyle choices.

Metroplex Management recognised that the changing face of industrial practices meant that, in most cases, these estates could be co-located with both commercial and residential areas and that to attract people to a location, you first have to make the location attractive. This insight led to our focus on selecting people who shared this changing way of thinking.

In 2007 Sharon Cahill joined our team of innovative industrial thinkers. With a track record in Marketing and Sales in the Australian domestic market and the International market, Sharon has played a pivotal role in changing the traditional mind set of the market place regarding industrial areas.

"An industrial site is no longer just a group of average buildings, a Metroplex industrial site is an area where there are quality buildings set in a green environment emphasising open community areas plus access to simple convenience retail and commercial services, multiple choices of eateries, child care centres and fitness areas - we are making industrial parks a complete lifestyle experience....."Sharon Cahill.